22 Oct

I visited this place for a friend’s birthday. We all ordered off the restaurant week menu. All of us were happy with what we got. I got
lobster and lump crab cake for appetizer. Then I had the Shrimp avocado gulf red snapper as my entree and finished off with tres leches. The
snapper was full of flavor and tres leches so yummy. Since most of us ordered different stuffs, we tried each other’s. The champagne Brie soup was
my favorite. I enjoyed and finished every little bit. Our server Henry? (Cannot exactly remember his name) was amazing. He saw how much I
enjoyed and commented on me cleaning the plate spotless. Haha. There was a live music. Overall, great atmosphere, great food and great service.
Oh, the crowds were older and richer? I saw so many Bentleys, Jaguars, BMWs in the Parking lot.

Yogita L