22 Oct

I am so pleased that I was invited to dine at this retro-hip, time machine of a restaurant! Slightly off the beaten path in Addison, this
hidden gem of a fine dining restaurant is layered in slightly faux opulence, but that absolutely does not distract from the delicious food they serve,
and the professional waitstaff’s skill at meeting your needs. This is a flashback to 1980’s power-lunches, with generous martinis served over ice
blocks, prime steaks cooked to immaculate perfection, and rich sauces to add that extra dash of decadence. This reminds me a lot of Steve Fields
Lobster Lounge, with similar, older clientele. The menu is pleasingly dated (e.g. lobster thermidor, potatoes dauphinois, grand mariner soufflé) so
don’t expect “foams” and “infusions.” They are rock-solid on the steak temps, with the size of the delicious prime cuts clearly exceeding the stated
weight. You WILL have leftovers. I am so pleased to find another retro-hip restaurant that actually exceeded expectations. Keep up the good work,

VoDoo MDallas, TX